3 Benefits to Having Your Dentist Near You

Good oral health gives you way more than pearly white teeth and a sparkling smile. It ensures good overall health as well. Oral diseases can lead to systemic diseases and vice versa. It has been seen that periodontal diseases can worsen diabetes and give way to heart and gastrointestinal disorders. Dental cavities and gum diseases also lead to tooth loss which eventually compromises overall health.

Therefore regular dental visits and prompt dental services are of prime importance. After all, a bright, healthy smile contributes immensely to a life well-lived, and what better way to ensure this than having a dentist near you? This blog discusses the top 3 benefits of having your dentist near you.

Easier Regular Dental Visits

Dental professionals worldwide recommend visiting your family dentist at least twice a year to maintain your and your loved one’s oral health. These visits are essential for dental cleaning and regular dental check-ups. Having a dentist near you makes going for regular dental visits more effortless and convenient.
In addition, it will aid in the development of a long-lasting patient-doctor relationship. A dentist who knows your past medical history and dental history thoroughly will ensure better and prompt treatment. It will allow dental diseases, if any, to get diagnosed in their earlier stages and be treated swiftly to prevent progression. By having the same dental centre treat you and your family every time, there is a dental ailment, makes way for consistent treatments ensuring better oral and overall health. It gives you the freedom to set up appointments on your own schedule, so you don’t have to skip work and school or travel far. A well-equipped dental centre near you that provides a wide range of dental services for children and adults is a boon.


If you or your child is undergoing or planning to undergo orthodontic treatment, you will be required to visit the dental office frequently for appointments. If the dental office is located far from your residence, it can be a source of discomfort as it will require added traveling time. Sometimes, owing to busy schedules, you may even end up skipping an appointment which can put a dent in the treatment progress. However, this problem gets resolved by having a dental centre which is located near you.

This also applies to dental treatments like root canal treatment, dental implants, cosmetic dental treatments, etc., that require timely and frequent visits. Having a dentist near you contributes to easy accessibility and comfortable dental experiences.

Faster Help in Cases of Dental Emergencies

When facing a dental emergency, the first thing one Googles is – “emergency dentist near me.” If you have ever been in such a situation, you probably are shaking your head in agreement. Dental emergencies can arise at any moment and require an immediate dental visit.

Imagine if you or your loved one suffer a facial trauma, fracture their teeth, or have throbbing tooth pain. Such situations demand an emergency dentist, or you can risk losing your teeth. In such cases, every minute can be a deciding factor for the tooth’s fate. If your family dentist happens to be located at the other end of the city, it can take hours for you to get there. However, having a dentist near you will mean a short traveling time and a shorter waiting period, contributing to faster and more efficient treatment.

We hope this blog gave you better insight into the benefits of having a dentist near you. Our dental professionals are here to assist you in your good oral and overall health journey. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment at Essex Family Dental, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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