Tecumseh Dentistry for Children

At Tecumseh Family Dental the dental health of your children is incredibly important to us. Teaching children how to carry out and maintain healthy dental habits from a young age is the best way to guarantee they’ll have healthy teeth for a lifetime. While we pride ourselves in being able to restore someone’s smile after it’s been neglected, these situations can be completely avoided if more people were taught to take care of their teeth as a child. Our General Dentists & Dental Hygienists are happy to offer an array of services depending on your child’s needs, from basic cleanings to dental appliances such as clear aligners, and much more. On their next visit, our hygienists will be happy to teach your child healthy brushing and flossing habits, as well as give them a goody bag with everything they need to continue their dental care at home. With our staff’s extensive education and experience in dentistry, you can be confident that your child’s teeth are in the right hands.

Why do children need to see a dentist regularly?

Tooth decay is one of the most common childhood diseases, and reportedly nearly 1 in 5 children have untreated cavities. While a cavity might feel like a minor issue to some, as so many children seem to have them, tooth decay can lead to very serious health issues including gum disease or infection. Tooth decay can also cause severe pain, making it very difficult for your child to eat or speak. This is why after a child’s first tooth emerges, it is recommended that they see a dentist every six months in order to maintain their dental and overall health. Similar to how they might see a doctor for regular checkups, they need to see a dentist as well for regular exams and cleanings. If your child is already experiencing cavities or tooth pain, it’s never too late to get them on the right track! Book an appointment with us today so they can start building a better relationship with their teeth.

What services do you provide for children?

At Tecumseh Family Dental, we are both mentally and physically prepared to provide any service your child requires in regard to their dental health. From general dentistry & aesthetic dentistry to emergency dentistry, and more! With doctorates in dental care, our dentists are medically trained to know what’s best for your child’s teeth. If you’re wondering what services we recommend, book a dental exam for your child and let our dentists examine what should be done.G

A general treatment that everyone (especially children) should undergo every 6 months in order to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. The process involves first examining the state of your child’s teeth, removing any plaque or tartar, using a gritty toothpaste to thoroughly brush each tooth, and then flossing between each tooth in order to clean any leftover plaque. This also allows us to discover sensitive areas of your child’s gums so we can provide advice as to where they need to focus on brushing and flossing.

A composite filling is another general dentistry treatment that aims to maintain a healthy smile. While a child should try to do everything they can to avoid a cavity, having one develop isn’t dire if treated swiftly. Composite Fillings allow us to fill gaps in a tooth created by tooth decay, this keeps the tooth from continuing to decay. If a cavity is left untreated and the decay is allowed to continue, a root canal would become necessary.

It’s incredibly common for a child’s teeth to grow in misaligned, but they no longer have to deal with the awkwardness of traditional metal braces in order to fix it. Clear aligners – a aesthetic dental treatment are a much more convenient and aesthetically pleasing alternative that provides virtually identical results. If you think your child could benefit from clear aligners, Tecumseh Family Dental is happy to offer free consultations.

Dental Urgent Care for Your Child

Accidents can happen at any time, especially when children are exploring their world. At Tecumseh Dental, we understand the urgency of dental emergencies and are fully equipped to provide immediate, compassionate care. Whether it's a knocked-out tooth, a painful toothache, or a chipped tooth, our team is here to restore your child's smile and peace of mind.

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Children Dental Protective Treatments

Dental Sealants

Sealants are tiny shields for your child’s teeth. We apply a thin, clear coating on the chewing surfaces of their back teeth. This simple procedure keeps food and bacteria from getting stuck in the tiny grooves, reducing the risk of cavities. It’s quick, painless, and can last for years!

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is like a vitamin for teeth. It strengthens the enamel, making teeth more resistant to decay. During your child’s visit, we may apply a fluoride gel or varnish to give their teeth that extra boost of protection. It’s a quick and easy step that can make a big difference in your child’s dental health.
Both sealants and fluoride treatments are safe, effective ways to give your child’s teeth extra protection. Consider them as added peace of mind for you and added strength for your child’s smile.

Request A Dental Appointment For Your Child

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your child should have their first dental visit by their first birthday or within six months of the eruption of their first tooth, whichever comes first. Early visits help in the early detection of potential dental issues and also help your child become accustomed to the dental environment.
    Dental sealants are thin, protective coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars). They act as a barrier against food particles and bacteria, reducing the risk of cavities. Sealants are especially beneficial for children who are still learning proper brushing techniques and are highly recommended once the permanent molars come in.

    Bringing your child to the dentist is crucial for setting the foundation for a lifetime of oral health. Regular check-ups from a young age can prevent cavities and tooth decay, which can lead to more serious problems if left untreated.

    Tips for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

    We understand that a child’s first visit to the dentist can be a new experience for both the little one and the parents. At Tecumseh Dental, we strive to make this initial appointment as smooth and comforting as possible. Here are some tips to prepare you and your child for a positive first visit:

    • Talk About It: Discuss the visit with your child in a positive manner. Use simple words and explain that the dentist is a friend who will help keep their teeth strong and healthy.
    • Book a Morning Appointment: Children are often more cooperative and less anxious in the morning. Try to schedule the appointment when your child is well-rested.
    • Practice at Home: Familiarize your child with the routine of opening their mouth for a quick “tooth check.” This will help them feel more comfortable when the dentist does the same.
    • Bring Comfort Items: If your child has a favorite toy or blanket, bring it along. Familiar items can provide a sense of security.
    • Stay Calm: Children can pick up on your emotions. If you’re calm and reassuring, chances are they will be too.
    • Avoid Scary Words: Words like “pain,” “shot,” or “drill” can create unnecessary anxiety. Let our dental team introduce their own kid-friendly vocabulary.
    • Be Present: Your presence can be incredibly comforting to your child. Feel free to stay in the room during the examination.
    • Celebrate Afterwards: Make the first visit an occasion to remember. Celebrate the milestone with a small reward or fun activity.
    • Follow-Up: Discuss the visit with your child. Praise them for their bravery and good behavior, reinforcing the positive experience.
    • Schedule Regular Visits: Consistency is key. Regular dental check-ups will make future visits routine and something to look forward to.

    By following these tips, you can help ensure that your child’s first visit to Tecumseh Dental is a happy and stress-free experience for everyone involved.