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Dental Implants

A person may experience various issues upon losing teeth, such as speech difficulty or an altered pattern of chewing that causes discomfort. The best way of improving the quality of life is by replacing the missing tooth or teeth with the help of dental implants. Our general dentists at Tecumseh Family Dental are equipped with the technology to ensure you get the treatment you want. Along with our dental team, we provide you with the dental experience you deserve. 

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant or tooth implant is a titanium screw placed within your jaw bone to replace the missing teeth. It helps to support multiple false teeth, like bridges or dentures. These are the medical devices that allow restoring your aesthetics and your ability to chew food. They typically consist of a dental implant abutment, an implant body, and a fixation screw. These devices are surgically placed in the place of the missing tooth’s root within the jawbone. The fixation screw connects the dental implant body and the dental implant abutment.
Depending on your situation, our dental implant team might recommend all-on-4 dental implants or all-on-6 dental implants. 

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Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants come with many benefits that one cannot ignore. Without much ado, let’s read a few of the benefits of dental implants:

  • Restores your aesthetic appearance
  • Helps  preserve the health of the surrounding gums and bones
  • Patients with dental implants experience a better quality of life with maintained oral health
  • Helps to restore your ability to eat and chew the food properly
  • Dental implants have a role in helping to maintain the stability of the teeth adjacent to them
  • They also prevent bone loss, ensuring that the jaw bone doesn’t shrink

Who are Dental Implants for?

People often wonder if there is a permanent solution to the tooth they recently lost. Well, if the condition of your jawbone is good, you can go for dental implants. Book an appointment and visit us at Tecumseh Family Dental to know more. There are specific criteria to determine if you are a desirable candidate for dental implants.

  • Presence of adequate jaw bond for supporting and attaching to the implant
  • An overall good oral and general health with proper maintenance of hygiene
  • Gum tissues are free from infection or periodontal conditions that may affect implant attachment


There are various aspects to consider when you opt for dental implants. Our dentists ensure to alleviate your fears before you go for the procedure. If you have any queries regarding the process or wish to schedule an appointment at Tecumseh Family Dental, please reach out to us. Our team of friendly and highly efficient dental professionals are here to assist you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some people have a misconception that opting for implants would hurt. Let’s put an end to this by saying that implant placements are more comfortable than getting your tooth extracted. Yes, you read that right because the procedure involves using an anesthetic. With local anesthesia, you won’t feel any pain or have discomfort during the implant placement procedure. There are chances of some discomfort after the process for a day but nothing more than that. When you have a professional dentist by your side, you are getting the best treatment.

    The prime question arising in the mind of anybody new to the concept of implants is whether they are safe. Well, let us tell you that they are not only a well-established type of dental treatment but also safe. They replicate the functions of an original tooth to aid you in chewing and speech. Unlike temporary dentures and bridges, dental implants last longer. However, you must care for them properly and ensure proper maintenance. Your regular dental visits for their maintenance and oral hygiene will largely determine the time for which they will last.

    Your dentist or dental team will provide you with instructions to follow after the implant placement procedure. Your dentist may prescribe you painkillers so that you experience no pain after the operation. Some people might develop swelling after the implant placement procedure. However, it subsides when you place ice packs at short intervals. It is suggested you eat a soft diet for about two days after the process.