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Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies are part and parcel of life, especially when you neglect the problem for long. A dental emergency may be severe pain in the wee hours or facing an injury. Such situations require urgent medical care and intervention. That’s when emergency dentistry comes into play and eliminates the pain you suffer from. Our general dentists will take charge of addressing your dental issues.

A dental emergency may be something as simple as the chipping of a tooth or something as severe as breaking your jaw. The severity of every dental emergency case differs from person to person. Usually, people don’t seek emergency dental services when there’s no harm to their aesthetics and no discomfort or pain. However, if you get a severe injury on your face, you have no other option than to turn to emergency dentistry services in Tecumseh.

Our Urgent Dental Care Services Include:

Intolerable Pain

Are you experiencing terrible pain in one of your teeth that’s giving you nightmares? The leading cause of sudden pain in the tooth is a cavity that reveals vulnerability to infections. Pain due to a cavity aggravates upon consuming sugary food items, hot and cold foods and liquids. If you are experiencing sudden pain in any of your teeth, you probably have a tooth with exposed roots. To avoid any complications, you should seek an emergency dentist near you.

Chipped Teeth

Besides chewing, some people use their teeth to bite down on hard objects. This often leads to cracks or chipping of the teeth. Some people also have a habit of clenching or grinding their teeth while sitting idle or even during sleep. The teeth of such people often have susceptibility to cracking or chipping off. You must visit a professional dentist for emergency dentistry services if you have a cracked or chipped tooth. Also, if you have any teeth fragments, you can preserve them in water or milk and bring them along during your dental appointment.

Persistent Bleeding

Many people undergo a dental extraction because of a loose tooth or before commencing an orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, they experience pain and bleeding that persists for a long time. A good idea would be to visit the dentist for emergency dental services in Tecumseh. You can place a small cotton ball and bite it with slight pressure to stop the bleeding. There’s nothing to worry about because bleeding from an extraction site is quite common.

Soft Tissue Injury

The lips, gums, tongue and cheeks are the soft tissues of your mouth. You ought to turn to emergency dentistry services in case of an injury to any of these structures. While some cases are easy to deal with through phone-call instructions, others may require you to visit your dental office. You can follow one or two simple steps to avoid the severity of the case. This may include rinsing the areas with warm water that suffered injuries or bruises. The application of ice packs may also help reduce the swelling of the lacerations.

Broken Orthodontic Wires

One cannot deny that it is tough when you have braces on your teeth. Although the orthodontic wires are strong enough to resist wear and tear, they sometimes break. It is pretty common for a person undergoing orthodontic treatment to have a poking corner of the wire. This may result in discomfort, and a broken wire can delay the treatment. One can cover the poking end of the wire with a cotton ball. Alternatively, it would be best to visit us immediately for the broken wire to avoid treatment delays.

Wisdom Tooth Aches

Some people have no idea about the eruption of all of their wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, some people with less space experience issues when their third molars erupt. This may cause pain, discomfort, crowding or rotation of the teeth. You may opt for emergency dentistry services to ensure the impending tooth is extracted. Our Tecumseh emergency dental team will find a solution that fits your needs, and an emergency tooth extraction might be recommended.

Apart from the dental emergencies mentioned above, other emergencies such as an abscess, a dislodged restoration, and a loose tooth also need prompt treatment. If you find yourself facing a dental emergency, please reach out to our team at Tecumseh Family Dental, and we will schedule your emergency dental appointment.

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