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Root Canal

A Root Canal is required in order to save a tooth that is heavily damaged or infected, as an alternative to removing it. It is known as a Root Canal because the canal of the tooth’s root must be cleaned during the treatment as these canals contain nerve tissue and blood vessels. The process involves removing the infected or damaged areas of the tooth, decontamination, and the subsequent filling of said areas. The entire procedure only takes about thirty minutes to an hour, with more complex cases taking over ninety minutes. Though Root Canals can seem daunting based on the treatment’s reputation, current technology has made the procedure much more pleasant than it used to be and being able to save a tooth as opposed to extracting it is almost always worthwhile.

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When is a Root Canal necessary?

Root Canals are necessary when a tooth’s root has been compromised by damage such as a fracture, or by an infection such as a cavity that has spread. In order to avoid a Root Canal, it’s essential to receive regular dental exams and cleanings, while also maintaining your dental health at home by flossing and brushing daily.

What are the benefits of getting a Root Canal?

Root Canals have an extensive list of benefits over other procedures such as teeth extractions, here are a few examples:

  • Prevents the loss of the tooth
  • Prevents infection from affecting neighbouring teeth
  • Results in a natural-looking tooth
  • Prevents the jaw bone from degrading
  • Boosts long-term dental health
  • Painless
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Patients undergoing a Root Canal are put under anesthesia to avoid the pain that would come with removing the nerve endings within a tooth’s root. This means that the procedure isn’t any more painful than other dental treatments, but there will be some comfort that comes during the healing process. After the procedure, it’s possible to eat soft foods, while slowly introducing harder foods into your diet over the course of the week following the Root Canal.